How Much Does it Cost to Tile a Kitchen?

Tiling is one of the best ways to decorate a home because it has so many advantages. Tiling walls and floors will protect them from water damage as well as being easy to clean. Another benefit of using tiles is there available to buy in a wide variety of colours and styles to match any kitchen. The hardest part homeowners have when deciding to use tiles in the kitchen is trying to figure out how much it will cost. Trying to work out a price for tiling can be complicated because there are so many different options. We’ve put together this guide to help you get an idea of how much a kitchen tiler in Wirral will charge you to tile your kitchen. We hope you will find this guide beneficial and give you an idea of how much it will cost before you start your project.

Kitchen Tiling Costs Wirral

Tiling costs per square meter


One of the easiest ways to work out how much it will cost to tile a kitchen is to measure the area to be tiled and break down the costs based on the size of that area. If you have a small kitchen wall that needs tiling, work out the size, and apply a rough cost based on that. The cost of tiling will depend on two things, how much the tiles cost and the amount of time to fit them.

There are a wide variety of tiles available to purchase which come in many different styles and materials. The majority of tiles are ceramic, or porcelain and they come in many different colours and sizes, as well as costing different amounts. In most cases, it is easier to purchase the tiles yourself because you can find a particular style that you like at a price within your budget. Remember, its always a good idea to buy more than you need in case any of the tiles get accidentally damaged or broken during the tiling process. A good rule of thumb is to buy roughly 10% more than what you have accounted for. There are so many different variables to take into account when trying to figure out how much tiling a kitchen costs. On average it usually works out approximately £20 per square meter if you choose the basic ceramic tiles.

Labor costs

The cost of labor will depend on the size of the company they work for, the experience of the tiler, and where you live. The rates tilers charge can vary between £20 and £40 for every square meter tiles they put in place. Some tilers prefer to have a day rate if they know they will be at a job for more than six hours or so. They usually charge something between £150 – £200 per day.

There are other costs involved which have not yet been mentioned such as adhesives and grout which can add an extra £50 to your budget. If walls need to be prepared such as removing old tiles or plastering this will also incur further costs.

Common tiling jobs

All tiling jobs will depend on the information in this article, along with a rough cost of £50 per square meter, but we will break down the most common tiling jobs and highlight any issues which could affect the overall cost.

Cost of wall tiling

You can work out the cost of tiling a wall by using the calculation above as long as there is no preparation work involved which would add further costs to the job.

Cost of floor tiling

You will usually pay more for floor tiles because they need to be hard wearing and need to be to take the weight of people and furniture. The sub-floor may need to be prepared properly before laying floor tiles which will add to the overall costs.

Cost of tiling a kitchen

Tiling a kitchen is usually straightforward, most modern kitchens have a tiled back splash behind the sink or a worktop. A professional kitchen tiler in Wirral will be able to complete this work relatively quickly and will be able to provide you with a quote before any work commences.