Ask any homeowner what’s at the top of their home improvement wish list, and a high percentage of them will say the kitchen. It is every homeowner’s dream to be able to transform a tired, run-down kitchen into a trendy room where you can enjoy dining and cooking once again. Most people don’t know how much a new kitchen will cost, and don’t know how to work out the costs involved in kitchen renovations. We created a guide to help you budget for a new kitchen. Whether you’re in the market for a high-end bespoke kitchen or you’re interested in cheap fitted kitchens were sure you’d find the guide helpful.

How Much Does Fitting a New Kitchen Cost?

Kitchen installation cost calculator

When you are looking at the price of fitting a kitchen, It’s important to know what is included in the price. In most cases, when you see the price tag on a kitchen, the price you see only covers the price of the kitchen units (i.e., cabinets and cupboards) and the cost of having them fitted in your home.

The industry term for this is called a dry fit. Basic plumbing and rewiring might be necessary to accommodate the new kitchen units and can cost extra. Prices usually don’t include kitchen appliances such as extractor fans, ovens, fridges, and dishwashers. Kitchen worktops, tiling, flooring and painting are all extras that come at an extra cost.

The average cost of a new kitchen installation is between £2000 – £4000 on the Wirral. For those with lower household incomes, it is possible to purchase and install a new kitchen in Wirral for as low as £1200.

At the higher end of the spectrum, the price for a new kitchen can be tailored to your specific requirements. As an example, you can pay as much as £14,000 for a top of the range, bespoke kitchen to be fitted on the Wirral.

Kitchen worktop costs

The price of kitchen worktops can vary a lot depending on which materials were used to make them. Worktops with a simple laminate surface, which aren’t scratch resistant, are susceptible to staining and can blister over time are usually priced under £500. The more expensive surfaces are made from solid timber, granite or quartz, which all last for years because they are very durable. Prices for solid wood, granite and quartz worktops can cost thousands, depending on how much is required.

Kitchen unit costs

The materials used to make the kitchen units will determine how much the kitchen units will cost. The type of finish you want then to have will also affect the price. As an example, if you had a galley kitchen and you wanted a little set of units for it (approximately eight units which would provide roughly 10 m² of space for storage), they could cost about £1000.

If your kitchen is a lot bigger, it might need 20 units, which would provide you with 30 m² of storage, which could cost more than £7000. Even this cost, you still wouldn’t have a fully complete kitchen, it would just be a shell. You would still need appliances and worktops as well as installation.

Something else to keep in mind when working out the costs of a new kitchen is whether to buy your kitchen from a shop and pay extra for their kitchen installers to fit for you, or try and find your own kitchen installer.

It might be just as beneficial to find a local kitchen fitter on the Wirral and ask them if they could buy the kitchen for you using their trade account. A lot of kitchen fitters in Wirral can buy kitchens at trade prices and pass the trade discount onto you.

Another Top Tip!

It’s also important to note that there are costs involved when having to dispose of your old kitchen. You should factor in the costs to have your old kitchen removed when you are planning to have a new kitchen installed. You could hire a skip or find a tradesman with a waste carrier license who can take the old kitchen away for you (usually at an extra cost). A cheaper solution would be to take the old units to the tip yourself.

How long does it take to fit a kitchen?

The time it takes to complete a new kitchen installation in Wirral will depend on the size of the team involved. It usually takes around five days to complete the installation of units. If it’s not as straightforward as installing new units and there’s plastering, tiling, re-plumbing and stripping out the old kitchen, it’s more likely to take ten days.

The more work that’s involved, the more it will affect the overall cost of installing the kitchen. If you would like more information about prices for each job such as floor fitting or tiling you can read our price guides for those specific trades. If you are using the services of a kitchen fitting company on the Wirral, the kitchen fitter might have all the required skills to complete these tasks as part of a total cost, or they may be able to give you details of recommended tradespeople who can do the work.

Cost of kitchen appliances

The cost of appliances will depend on the size of the appliances you require. A large two-door American-style fridge-freezer with an ice dispenser and chilled water can cost anywhere up to £1000. A small fridge that could fit underneath a worktop can be found for less than £150.

You can expect large price differences between all other kitchen appliances. It pays to do some research and find which appliances suit your needs. Once you have chosen the appliances, be sure to compare prices from different retailers.

Prices can vary a lot from one retailer to another. Make sure you read the measurements of the new appliances before you purchase them. You want to make sure they fit into the allocated spaces in your new kitchen.

How to keep the costs of your new kitchen installation spiraling out of control.

When installing a new kitchen, there are several ways to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. If you are going to buy the kitchen yourself online or from a store, make sure you compare prices and shop around before you part with your money.

Keep an eye out for any good deals or sales throughout the year. Make sure you hire tradespeople who can work to schedule and are reliable. If you are having your new kitchen shipped to you and you’re the one signing for it, make sure it is the one you wanted before signing for it.

The next step is to put the kitchen units in a safe area where they can’t be damaged accidentally. If anything was to be accidentally damaged and needed replacing, it is going to increase the amount of time to finish the job and add to the final costs of the installation.